How To Build and Maintain Profitable Relationships

How-to-Build-and-Maintain-Profitable-RelationshipsBuilding and maintaining profitable relationships with your clients and prospects is essential to your success, no matter what business your are in. Your goal is to create clients who are totally sold on you and the services you provide, welcome the opportunity to refer others to you, and purchase additional products and services from you.

Here are 4 ideas that you can use to convert prospects into clients, retain long-term clients, and build an army of satisfied customers who look for ways to send business your way.

1. Market to your existing clients.

Your best prospect base is your current customers. Be sure that you have present your complete line of products an services to them. Not doing so is unfair to your and to your customers. Your current customers are most likely to buy from you again because they are already doing business with you. Devote most of your time, efforts, and resources to building deeper relationships with your current customers rather then focusing your resources on an unknown market.

TouchPoint Tip: The more satisfied your clients are with you, the more likely they are to want to share your services with their friends and associate.

2. Look For Ways to Reward Your Clients.

Look for opportunities to show your clients how much you appreciate having them as a customer.  Send a personalized greeting cards of appreciation for their loyalty and include a gift.  Send a gift that they can share with their friends and co-workers (brownies, popcorn, gift basket…).

3. Get to know your clients.

Ask questions about them and their interest and goals. Get to know about them, their family and what they want to accomplish in life.

TouchPoint Tip: Focus on sending personalized greeting cards based on their interests, while celebrating the important milestones in their lives. Your cards will be displayed as a testimony to the relationship you’ve built with them, and you’ll remain top of mind because you took the time to care about them.

4. Position yourself as a resource.

Look for ways to help your clients and prospects. Introduce them to others, send them referrals, build a relationship that shows you care and that you will be around long after the sale. Keep in touch, share resources, and remember to celebrate the important events in their life by sending a personalized greeting card: birthday, anniversary, life changing event, accomplishments, etc.

I hope you found this newsletter to be informative and helpful. I welcome your comments and suggestions. If I can help you in any way feel free to contact me.

Wishing you continued success,
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