Have a Big Picture Focus – Ignore the Small Stuff

Big-Picture-FocusOne major time management habit that all productive and profitable people share is the ability to focus on the big picture and ignore the small stuff.

One way to do this is to make two lists.

  1. A list of the key components of your business, those big picture activities that lead to increased sales, profits, and success. Spend most of your time on these key activities, and;
  2. A list of your “dirty dozen” those little picture things that get in your way. You know the small stuff that is so inviting. Keep the list in front of you when your working and when you find yourself something on your list STOP DOING IT.

Here’s a tip: Select one item on your “dirty dozen” each week and focus on not doing it. As soon as you find that you’re no longer doing one of your “dirty dozen” take it off your list and add a new one.

By developing the habit of focusing on the big picture and ignoring the small stuff, you’ll have taken a giant step towards becoming more productive and profitable.

In our final time management article, Your Action Plan For Success you’ll discover a step-by-step plan for making the techniques covered in this course a permanent part of your success plan.

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