How to Create High Quality Prospects Online

How-to-Create-Quality-Prospects-OnlineIf you look at the leaders in any industry who are building their business online, they all focus on connecting with and creating quality prospects online.

So how do you connect with people online?

Networking on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and different online forums and groups is one of the most powerful ways to build a list of quality relationships.

To get the most value from your social networking efforts picture in your mind the people with whom you want to connect, both personally and professionally. Ask yourself:

  • Who would be a perfect customer for your services?
  • Who would be a good referral source?
  • What types of people can make your business and personal life more fulfilling?

Networking effectively is a sorting process . . .

you’re looking for people with whom you can build a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship. In the beginning more is better, turn off your critic. As they say, the cream will always rise to the top.

Meet people on social sites . . .

such as Facebook and Twitter by searching the directory, groups, and forums for people who share similar interests and match your picture of the people you are looking to meet.

  • Look for people whose pictures are warm, friendly, and professional. Then send them a friend request. Always include a brief note with your friend requests. This will improve your acceptance rate by 50% or more.
  • When someone accepts your friend request, always send a thank you message and begin the relationship-building process.
  • Your initial conversations will be done via the social site’s internal email system. View these messages as a continuous conversation, just like you were face-to-face in your local marketplace.
  • Make it your goal to send out at least twenty friend requests a day. That would be 100 a week. If you only have a 50% acceptance rate, you would be adding 50 online friends a week.
  • Once you’ve made the connections the rest is up to you. Spend your time making friends, not pitching your products. Make friends first and the business will naturally follow.
  • As your relationship grows, you can invite them to join your online email list. In addition, your network can become a great source for new sales by keeping people up to date on your new offers through status updates and article posts. If you have a blog be sure to send a status update letting your online friends know that you’ve added a new article.

Remember . . .

a profitable relationship does not have to result in business. Every person of quality that you meet adds value to your life – that is true profit.